[Event] Meeting in Myrhorod, November 16

by Mary Chernyshenko 1 min read6th Oct 2019No comments


On November, 16th (Saturday) we go to Myrhorod (Poltava region) and meet with LW readers from Kharkiv and maybe other places, too. The attendance in Kyiv is low enough to do something crazy without worrying too much.

The meetup is at 16.00, unless Intercity is late, near Gogol's statue at the railway station.

We shall go from there somewhere more comfortable. It will be all the more interesting since nobody who's said they'd come knows a comfortable place there. As usual, you can reach me at chernyshenko123@gmail dot com, +38097-667-29-70, Marichka, but if you bring people there, please do everything to help them return home safely and share your own contact information. Given the political situation, be brave. Write me ASAP if you set out from Kyiv and want to come together, I'll be taking a train.

We shall only have several hours and probably some people will have to leave earlier than others, which means we might want to just hang out and introduce ourselves. The coolest outcome I hope for is for Kharkiv to start their own meetup afterwards, but the sky is not the limit. I also have some hopes for Odessa, although not in the near future.

Likely it will be cold, so charge your phones, take enough money to eat at least twice and bundle up. Do not hesitate to tell me directly that you need whatever, whenever it comes up.

And if you think you are not the typical LWer... does it signify so much about you?