DC Meetup: Sunday May 1st, 1 PM

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Sunday May 1st, 1 PM - 5 PM
Chipotle Mexican Grill
7600 Old Georgetown Road
Bethesda, MD 20814

Hey DC LWers, its about time we started meeting up! (Lurkers welcome)

Basically, get to know each other and establish a regularly meeting (and thoroughly awesome) meetup group. I have a few discussion topics in mind (basic logistics, what we'd like to improve/what our goals are, introductions, etc), but feel free to come with your own.

The Chipotle is near the Bethesda Metro station, just follow these directions. Go out of the station and walk down Old Georgetown Road. The Chipotle is next to the waterfall fountain, and outdoor seating area.

We will be sitting towards the back of the restaurant (basically, keep going in the direction you've been walking to get to the Chipotle), hopefully in the corner with a wraparound bench. Look for the person with curly red hair, or the LW sign.




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The Red Line is likely to have significant delays due to trains sharing tracks both at the Shady Grove and Glenmont ends. (Status page.) Allow extra time or use something like WMATA's "Metro Trip Planner" to find a bus route.

You live on the eastern side of the red line, I recommend taking a bus to Bethesda. They leave pretty regularly from Silver Spring and Wheaton Stations.

Right - WMATA says to take the 1 to Friendship Heights and the 34 from there.

Edit: Or ... hm. 5 to Knowles and Detrick, 34 to Bethesda. That might be better.

My bus is late, sorry about that.

My bus didn't show up at all - I'm still in Kensington.

Edit: Just on the bus now - I'm guessing I'll arrive roundabouts 1:30.

To non-DC people: This is funny because we wound up on the same bus.

I believe I can make that date/time.

I'll be there.

Been waiting for this! But I have a funeral to attend in North Carolina the day before and can't get back in time. Blech!

There's another on the 15th, no worries.

I'll try to be there!

1pm-5pm is a long time window, though, which may lead some people to show up at 1pm and others to show up at 4pm.

Hrmm... don't think I can make it. Have to prepare a presentation.

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May 15th?

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I should be there.

I'll be there.

Jack M.

Ah, I won't make it (have a concert to play in Alexandria) but hope to make future events.