"Brendan Bordelon is a reporter for POLITICO on lobbying and influence in Washington, DC, by the tech industry. In late 2023, Bordelon began writing a series of articles investigating the influence of networks of non-profit/non-governmental organizations affiliated with the field of AI safety (AIS), as well as the effective altruism (EA) movement, as spearheaded by Open Philanthropy (OP), a foundation that is the primary financial backer of both causes. As of now, it’s not apparent that Bordelon or any other reporters from POLITICO have published more reports on the subject.

It’s not clear when in 2024 Bordelon’s reporting might return to a focus on influence and lobbying by the tech sector in general, beyond the auspices of just OP and EA. Additional reports from POLITICO on the subject will be added to the below list after they are published, as will be other articles or reports cited therein."

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