I'm interested what people think are the best overviews of AI risk for various types of people. Below I've listed as many good overviews as I could find (excluding some drafts), splitting based on "good for a popular audience" and "good for AI researchers." I'd also like to hear if people think some of these intros are better than others (prioritizing between intros). I'd be interested to hear about podcasts and videos as well.

I am maintaining a list at this Google doc to incorporate people's suggestions.

Popular audience: 

AI researchers:

Alignment landscape:

Podcasts and videos:

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Thomas Larsen

Dec 13, 2022


My favorite for AI researchers is Ajeya's Without specific countermeasures, because I think it does a really good job being concrete about a training set up leading to deceptive alignment. It also is sufficiently non-technical that a motivated person not familiar with AI could understand the key points. 

Forgot to include this. It's sort of a more opinionated and ML-focused version of Carlsmith's report and has a corresponding video/talk (as does Carlsmith).

Michael Tontchev

Jun 07, 2023


Want to add this one:


This is the note I wrote internally at Meta - it's had over 300 reactions, as well as people reaching out to me saying it has convinced them to switch to working on alignment.


Thanks for writing and sharing this. I've added it to the doc.

Tor Økland Barstad

Dec 13, 2022


Good initiative.

Regarding introductions to a popular audience, I feel like Tim Urban wrote an intro that also is worth mentioning: Part 1 - Part 2 - Reply from Luke Muehlhauser

Another one is A Response to Steven Pinker on AI (Rob Miles)

Btw, I sometimes recommend Superintelligence by Nick Bostrom (but that's an entire book)

Will be interesting to see what kinds of introductions that are available one or a few years from now. Some people have created good introductions, but I do feel as if there is room for improvement.

Btw, I think Rob Miles is working on a collaborative FAQ: https://stampy.ai/wiki/Main_Page (which he talks about here)

Yeah Tim Urban's is perhaps the most enjoyable / fun read. But I worry that skeptics won't take it seriously.

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I appreciate already having a big list of candidates, so I can't comment with one!