LW Update 2018-12-06 – All Posts Page, Questions Page, Posts Item rework

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First, an FYI – the LessWrong Team will be starting various holiday trips fairly soon. We'll probably still be doing some work and answering intercom, but may be more delayed than usual over the next few weeks.

But, we also have a few more updates:

  • There is now a questions page, if you'd like to just view the latest question posts. (this uses a new backend view called "questions" for those interested in playing around with the API)
  • There is now a bare-bones All Posts page. We'll probably give it more features (i.e. sorting, filtering) at some point. For now it just loads the most recent 100 posts in chronological order. It doesn't have all the anti-spam filters that we've added to other sections yet, so, um, watch out for that I guess.
  • Post Items have been reworked a bit so it's easier to skim them for karma (while still trying to avoid making karma too visible). Also added some tooltips for vote-counts, alignment forum and word-count.
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Some feedback on the new features:

It doesn't seem possible to retract answers. This seems to be a bug, especially since attempting to retract them results in the listed number of comments decrementing (eventually to negative values). This decrement vanishes upon reloading.

This post describes certain guidelines for answers. The commenting guidelines are posted above the comment box. Could the answering guidelines be posted similarly?

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