What is the AI Safety Camp?

Would you like to work on AI safety or strategy research and are looking for a concrete way to get started? We are organizing this camp for aspiring AI safety and strategy researchers. At the camp, you:

  • build connections with others in the field
  • build your research portfolio
  • receive feedback on your research ideas and help others with theirs
  • make concrete progress on open AI safety research questions

Read more about the last research camp here, including a summary of the produced research.

What’s the structure of the camp?

The camp is preceded by 7 weeks of preparation in form of an online study group of 3-5 people, followed by a 10-day intensive camp with the aim of creating and publishing a research paper, extensive blog post, or github repository.

What will attendants work on?

Participants will work in groups on tightly-defined research projects, for example in the following areas:

  • Strategy and Policy
  • Agent Foundations (decision theory, subsystem alignment, embedded world models, MIRI-style)
  • Value learning (IRL, approval-directed agents, wireheading, …)
  • Corrigibility / Interruptibility
  • Side Effects, Safe Exploration
  • Scalable & Informed Oversight
  • Robustness (distributional shift, adversarial examples)
  • Human Values (including philosophical and psychological approaches)

When and where?

4–14 October 2018, in Prague, Czech Republic.


Attendance is free.


Applications and more information on aisafetycamp.com

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