Toronto Meetup, May 24th

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When: Tuesday, May 24th, 20:00

Where: The Duke of York, 39 Prince Arthur Avenue

Hi everyone,

The Toronto meetup group is having one of our bi-weekly meetings this Tuesday at the Duke of York. The reservation is under the name Spencer Sleep. I have requested a table on the patio.  The reason for the move from the Bedford Academy (albeit by less than 10 metres) is that we are looking for somewhere quieter, thus more conducive to discussion.  Now that it is warmer, one of our best bets is most likely patios, so we are going to try the patio at the Duke of York.  Those of you who have been attending since the start may remember that we started out there.  The reason we moved was the existence of live music every Thursday.  Now that we are meeting on Tuesdays, that shouldn't be a problem.

As always, newcomers are extremely welcome.

If you want to hear about upcoming LessWrong events in Toronto, or have ideas about how or when those events should be run, join the Toronto LessWrong Google Group!

See you on Tuesday

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