Ottawa LW meetup, May 9, 7pm; Bayes study group, May 5, 9pm

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Less Wrong meeting:

Date: Monday May 9, 7:00pm until at least 9:00pm.

Venue: Fox and Feather, private room 1 (upstairs behind the pool tables)

Bayes study group: Anyone in the region interested in learning how to do Bayesian statistics is welcome to join us. High school algebra and calculus are the prerequisites for Bayes, but if you don't know them, I'll be happy to teach them to you. We'll be using the statistical package R ( as a platform, so bring your laptop if you have one.


Date: Thursday May 5, 9:00pm to 10:00pm.

Venue: 347 Preston St., cafe seating behind the security desk. (Andrew can't make it out to Will's this week, and Chris has difficulty getting there in general, so we'll stick with the Preston Street venue for this week at least.)


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