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Discussion article for the meetup : Purdue Meetup

WHEN: 28 September 2012 09:45:46PM (-0400)

WHERE: Purdue

We don't have a regular meet-up group at Purdue, which is a shame because meetups are great.

I thought we weren't having meetups because there weren't very many LWers at Purdue. However, the last time I put out a survey was last year, and since then, I've run into a few LWers randomly, so I decided to see if more LWers would respond.

Note: This isn't an actual meetup. It's a survey to see if people would want to do a meetup.

Discussion article for the meetup : Purdue Meetup

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If it's on a weekend or late enough on a Friday, I would be willing to drive up from Bloomington.

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If there's a sufficient number of people around, I'll go.

EDIT: But hrmmm, Sept. 28 is cutting it a bit close.

I just used Sept. 28 as an arbitrary date. This was just meant to be a survey of how many people would be interested in going.

What is a sufficient number of people?

I'd go to a meetup. This is the West Lafayette campus right?

Yeah. It's the West Lafayette campus.