I am a co-founder of the Future of Life Institute based in Boston, and we are looking to fill two job openings that some LessWrongers might be interested in. We are a mostly volunteer-run organization working to reduce catastrophic and existential risks, and increase the chances of a positive future for humanity. Please consider applying and pass this posting along to anyone you think would be a good fit!


Technology has given life the opportunity to flourish like never before - or to self-destruct. The Future of Life Institute is a rapidly growing non-profit organization striving for the former outcome. We are fortunate to be supported by an inspiring group of people, including Elon Musk, Jaan Tallinn and Stephen Hawking, and you may have heard of our recent efforts to keep artificial intelligence beneficial.

You are idealistic, hard-working and well-organized, and want to help our core team carry out a broad range of projects, from organizing events to coordinating media outreach. Living in the greater Boston area is a major advantage, but not an absolute requirement.

If you are excited about this opportunity, then please send an email to jobs@futureoflife.org with your cv and a brief statement of why you want to work with us. The title of your email must be 'Project coordinator'.


There is currently huge public interest in the question of how upcoming technology (especially artificial intelligence) may transform our world, and what should be done to seize opportunities and reduce risks.

You are idealistic and ambitious, and want to lead our effort to transform our fledgling news site into the number one destination for anyone seeking up-to-date and in-depth information on this topic, and anybody eager to join what is emerging as one of the most important conversations of our time.

You love writing and have the know-how and drive needed to grow and promote a website. You are self-motivated and enjoy working independently rather than being closely mentored. You are passionate about this topic, and look forward to the opportunity to engage with our second-to-none global network of experts and use it to generate ideas and add value to the site. You look forward to developing and executing your vision for the website using the resources at your disposal, which include both access to experts and funds for commissioning articles, improving the website user interface, etc. You look forward to making use of these resources and making things happen rather than waiting for others to take the initiative.

If you are excited about this opportunity, then please send an email to jobs@futureoflife.org with your cv and answers to these questions:

  • Briefly, what is your vision for our site? How would you improve it?
  • What other site(s) (please provide URLs) have attributes that you'd like to emulate?
  • How would you generate the required content?
  • How would you increase traffic to the site, and what do you view as realistic traffic goals for January 2016 and January 2017?
  • What budget do you need to succeed, not including your own salary?
  • What past experience do you have with writing and/or website management? Please include a selection of URLs that showcase your work.

The title of your application email must be 'Editor'. You can live anywhere in the world. A science background is a major advantage, but not a strict requirement.

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I'm still a student, so I don't think I'd be able to take this sort of job. But consider my volunteer application sent. You guys are doing important work! -Andrew Quinn

I can't apply for the News Editor job as I am too busy with my own work but I would like to contribute and perhaps help with promotion across The Cameron Cowan Show network. Let's chat: cameron@cameroncowan.net