I did something similar to the recent babble challenges here on Lesswrong over the past week. I was looking for five brand new ideas, like reverse all advice by SSC.  The criterion was that each idea should be at least as interesting as the question "Should you reverse any advice you hear?"

  • Infinite Minds
    • According to the MUH, everything mathematically possible must exist. So surely infinite minds with infinite computational power exist. 
    • This brings us to something like a Fermi Paradox. Where are the infinite minds?
  • Air Conditioning
    • For a brain emulation, fluctuations in the ambient temperature are easy to create.
    • These fluctuations could be used as thermal music.
  • Antigraph
    • Capture the LessWrong social graph.
    • Make it more strongly connected, via Zoom chats etc. Actively reduce the degree of separation from 6 to 2, by video chats among random LessWrong members.
  • AntiSignalling
    • Intentionally underperforms in exams and walks out of the exam hall early because it is a waste of time to answer questions that ve already knows how to solve
  • Noticing Confusion
    • Why are there no non-profit phone/laptop manufacturing organizations? Where all the hardware design etc is open source? This is especially strange since they are not making much money in the first place. As far as I can tell, this is mostly due to social inertia and norms in the industry. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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