Gizmodo, a popular technology blog, posted this artice about SIAI. It's partly tongue-in-cheek, but also apparently thinks well of the Singularity Institute, claiming they are "a research organization that's as forward-thinking as most Gizmodo readers (read: sci-fi nerds)." More importantly, they link to Philanthroper, where you can donate and see your donation be matched. File this under "cultural penetration of Singularity memes" and also as a chance to make your donation more effective.!5787599/give-1-to-stop-terminators-seriously

Edit: Better link to the above URL

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Because Gizmodo's wacky URL rewriting is rubbish, you may need to go to the site twice (as I just did) to get the actual article page.


Good stuff, but your link is broken. I also don't see anything about matching...?

It says "2X" on the site. Matching is up to $1,000.

Strange that I can't find the word "match" anywhere on their site...

Not strange at all, it's their site and their design, and it wouldn't look aesthetically pleasing to add the word "match" in there. Sometimes style is more important than the visitors being 100% informed. In design less is more.

But it's not even in their FAQ. Matching is a huge incentive to donate, and I agree less can be more in design, but there is certainly a law of diminishing returns. They could at least mention it in the copy on their homepage. Anyhow, I won't argue further with the indomitable Michael Anissimov :) Been reading your blog for years, good stuff.

your link is broken.

Sorry about that. Fixed.