This year’s EA Survey will soon be closed.

You can help the community understand itself better by taking the survey via the button below before the May 26 deadline. The survey takes about 10-20 minutes to complete.

The annual EA survey is one of the best tools we have for interpreting our actions, values, demographics, and ideas as a community. See the most popular EA Survey post of 2017.

Take the 2018 EA Survey

All results will be aggregated, anonymized, and made publicly available, so we can share useful knowledge among each other. Within the survey you’ll be able to opt-in to share selected information about yourself in several EA venues.

Thanks and best wishes,
Peter Hurford and the Rethink Charity survey team

(P.S. We apologize for reposting this on LW a second and final time, but the previous post was only available on the main page for two days and had a very small amount of completions relative to LessWrong's reach. We'd love to see more LessWrong users complete the survey, so we reposted to assure the survey is more properly balanced across our communities of interest. If you want to share the survey with others, please use this fancy share link with referral tracking:

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