Yeah, I think it totally does! (and that's a very interesting / "trippy" line of thought :D)

However, it does seem to me somewhat unlikely, since it does require fairly advanced intelligence, and I don't think evolution is likely to have produced such advanced intelligence with us being totally unaware, whereas I think something about the way we train AI is more strongly selecting for "savant-like" intelligence, which is sort of what I'm imagining here. I can't think of why I have that intuition OTTMH.

AI Alignment Open Thread August 2019

by habryka 1 min read4th Aug 201996 comments


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Crossposted from the AI Alignment Forum. May contain more technical jargon than usual.

This is an experiment in having an Open Thread dedicated to AI Alignment discussion, hopefully enabling researchers and upcoming researchers to ask small questions they are confused about, share very early stage ideas and have lower-key discussions.