Usually, we start around 3pm, with people showing up from 2pm.  This time we’ll be in an office building at 201 Borough High Street, SE1 1JA, which is a two-minute walk from Borough Underground Station.  We are going to be let into the building at 3pm, so we will meet at Starbucks, directly opposite Borough Station, from 2pm until a few minutes before 3pm when we will walk across to the office.

As we are relying on being let into the building please note that latecomers may not be able to gain entry after 3.15pm.  If you have any concerns or need to call on the day, please phone Phil on his mobile number 07792 009646.

The format of this event will be free discussion in Starbucks and discussing the readings when we get to the office.


1. Popular education in Sweden: much more than you wanted to know

2. Cultivating and destroying agency

3. I don't know how to count that low

We're a monthly London-based meetup for members of the rationalist diaspora. The diaspora includes, but is not limited to, LessWrong, Astral Codex Ten, rationalist tumblrsphere, and parts of the Effective Altruism movement.

You don't have to identify as a rationalist to attend: basically, if you think we seem like interesting people you'd like to hang out with, welcome! You are invited. You do not need to think you are clever enough, or interesting enough, or similar enough to the rest of us, to attend. You are invited.

If we're in a public space, there will usually be some way to identify us. These days, it's usually a piece of paper saying "rationalish meetup", and/or a cuddly eagle toy. 



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