Meetup : Moscow, Now 2 Sigma More Awesome

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WHEN: 10 November 2013 04:00:00PM (+0400)

WHERE: Russia, Moscow, ulitsa L'va Tolstogo 16

We have lots of various content prepared this time, 2 standard deviations more than usual.

We're planning to have (not necessarily in this order):

  • a report from a participant of our ongoing willpower group;
  • a report about "Feeling Good" by David Burns;
  • an exercise on discovering your terminal values;
  • a section on how to make conversations more productive by learning to recognize several failure modes of arguing.

There might be a calibration session if we have time for it.

There might also be a cake, but it can turn out to be a lie.

As usual, we're going to have our ongoing Prediction Market, Scavenger Hunt, positive reinforcements (now with cashew as an option, not just chocolate!) and pizza.

We intend to broadcast this meetup on ustream or, but considering the amount of chaos and the fact we never did it before, it's unlikely to turn out well. So join us in person if you can.

If you are going for the first time:

We gather in the Yandex office. Look the second revolving door with the sign “Яндекс”, here is the photo of the entrance. You need to pass the first entrance and the bicycle parking on your way. Here is an additional guide on how to get there: link.

You can fill this one minute form (in Russian) to share your contact information.

We start at 16:00 and sometimes finish at night.

Discussion article for the meetup : Moscow, Now 2 Sigma More Awesome