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Discussion article for the meetup : Vancouver meetup

WHEN: 06 August 2011 03:00:00PM (-0700)

WHERE: Waves Coffee House, 100-900 Howe St. Vancouver, BC V6Z 2M4

Last Sunday's first Vancouver rationalist meetup was great! Seven people turned up and we talked about the Singularity, Bitcoin, seasteading, polyamory, the Khan Academy, the Hanson/Caplan view that education is more about signaling than imparting knowledge, Non-Violent Communication, akrasia, nootropics, our favorite Less Wrong posts and authors, and many other things.

I think we have the beginnings of a lasting community. If you're interested, join the Vancouver Rationalists Google Group to plan meetups and for general discussion.

Sunday afternoon was not convenient for everyone, and a Doodle poll shows Saturday as the better option. So we'll meet at 3pm on Saturday (sorry about the short notice if you're just hearing about this now).

We have a meeting room booked at the Waves Coffee House on the corner of Howe St. and Smithe.

This week's discussion topic is:

Tell your rationality success story or failure story. Describe a time when rationality helped (or hurt) you, or a time when irrationality hurt (or helped) you, and what lessons might be drawn from the experience.

Feel free to bring friends who are interested in rationality.

Discussion article for the meetup : Vancouver meetup

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