Video series talking about how GPT-3, DALL-E, and Multimodal AI models of the future could change human creativity in foundational ways.

Total of 19 videos, so far is at #8. New Video is released every week day.

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This advancement is logical and expected. As a creative professional, designer and product manager I see this as a reality. I am convinced that corporations will chose the most cost effective way (AI driven creativity) so I am well prepared to live a different life.

There will be a different and premium market for human made products and services.

That's why I started painting again. I am curious about what you think will cost more in 2040?

A realistic painting made by human hands (with proof of the creative process) or some AI generated artistic synthesis sold as a NFT or printed/painted by robots?

All the things that we are invested years to master will be automated and accessible for the new generations of curators and AI operators. In my humble opinion this is not creativity. The creative part will be done by AI. Humans will be in the role of semi-active audience, involved in some form of decision making process wearing the title "AI creative specialist".