Highlights from MIRI's year-end strategy update:

  • MIRI executive director Nate Soares reports that the "new research directions" we initiated in 2017 have "at this point, largely failed, in the sense that neither Eliezer nor I have sufficient hope in it for us to continue focusing our main efforts there. [...] We are currently in a state of regrouping, weighing our options, and searching for plans that we believe may yet have a shot at working."
  • Our most interesting (to us) research we've written up publicly this year is Scott Garrabrant's Cartesian Frames and Vanessa Kosoy and Alex Appel's Infra-Bayesianism.
  • Our funding situation is good, and we aren't running a fundraiser this winter.
  • We're (still) seriously thinking about the pros and cons of moving out of the Bay Area, and thinking about what other locations have to offer.

You can find the full post here.

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