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That clickbait-y title is, for once, perfectly accurate: you have until the 31st of August to submit an entry to the Oracle design contest, either a counterfactual or a low bandwidth Oracle.

(A note: some of the submissions were done by people who clearly didn't understand how these types of Oracles worked; please check these details before submitting. In particular, any question you ask also has to contain some automated way of checking the Oracle's answer).

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[-]Wei Dai5yΩ470

Thanks for the reminder! BTW, I want to suggest (for you and anyone else thinking of running a similar contest in the future) that some of the prize money be reserved for good comments, not just good submissions, since that would better incentivize people to point out flaws in the submissions (and flaws in the suggested flaws) that you might overlook. Of course the current incentive structure already incentivizes people who make submissions to criticize other people's submissions, but non-submitters might also have things to say about the existing submissions and currently they have no financial incentive to do so. (It also seems unfair that someone who makes an important contribution via only a critique would end up with no rewards.)

Thanks, good idea.