I'm thinking of making a career pivot from a product manager (PM) to UX researcher (UXR). I'm talking to current UXRs, people who pivoted from PM to UXR, and people who pivoted from UXR to PM. I'm trying to get a holistic view to make a decision on whether I want to pivot or not.

I'm afraid of falling into biases such as confirmation bias or social desirability bias that will cloud my decision here. 

Any advice? 

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No advice only further questions and prompts.

What kind of questions have you been asking people in/who do UXR - why do these seem like the most informative questions to ask? And what is most surprising answer you've received, even if it's not directly related to your bias?

What have you done already to try and at least map out what might be a source of confirmation or social desirability bias?

I'm assuming you see UXR is more socially desirable, in which case without trying to evaluate how true it is - where do you think you picked up this attitude or belief?

Do you have a history of making life decisions like career changes on biases rather than the best decision you could with the information you had to hand at the time?

And of course, in the tradition of Focusing, how is your body responding? What are you feeling? What causes and releases tension etc. etc.?