Discussion article for the meetup : Meetup: Southwestern Ohio

WHEN: 09 September 2012 04:00:00PM (-0400)

WHERE: 21 Greene Boulevard, Beavercreek, Ohio 45440, USA

New location! Dinner at The Wine Loft near Dayton, Ohio. Reservation is under Dugan. After dinner activities may include:

Presentation and discussion of preliminary material for a "Rational Mattress Buying" article (inspired by Rational Toothpaste: A Case Study).

Exploring and appraising The Greene as a location to hold future meetups.

Splitting off into small groups for rejection therapy in unfamiliar surroundings.

Discussion article for the meetup : Meetup: Southwestern Ohio

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Meetup report! We had a total of 4 Attendees plus a well behaved infant. Much lower than usual, but not unexpected due to scheduling issues.

Meta-meetup discussion: Nominated planner for next meetup. It has been suggested that in the future, if an organizer/presenter cannot make it to their meetup, that it not be postponed unless at least 3-7 days notice can be given (since not everyone checks their email, facebook and/or the Less Wrong posting daily).

Presentation: Skipped in favor of scouting the area as a location for future meetups. While I'm currently re-working the whole thing (found some critical flaws), it should be ready again by the meetup after next if there is interest.

Location Impressions: While the Wine Loft's menu isn't designed for eating a full meal, the indoor seating and ambiance are great for running group exercises or just being social. Very lounge like, with couches, cushions and easily moveable, low-to-the-ground tables. The outdoor seating is a little cramped and loud for my tastes, as it's small and adjacent to the main thoroughfare off the expressway, but well shaded and cool this time of year. They're also mostly empty on Sundays prior to 9 p.m., so we should be able to conquer a nook fairly easily even without a reservation; and that shouldn't be a problem as long as our expected group size doesn't fall below 6.

The Greene itself is pleasant to walk through, with wide sidewalks, lampposts, outdoor cafe's, wall art, and non-repeating architecture. There is a small patch of greenery in the center which hosts events, some of them musical. There is a Books & Co. just across the alley from the Wine Loft; a spacious, two-story bookstore with podium and seating for a presentation area should we decide to run events for the public (such as educational material for CFAR) or start an ancillary Less Wrong book group. There is also a Funny Bone comedy club nearby that has shows every Sunday at 7 p.m., though I don't know how good the performers are.

Food choices in the area tend toward the upscale, but Choe's Asian Gourmet seems the most promising in terms of both price and the menu preferences of which I've been made aware. For future meetups I'd recommend having dinner there, then migrating to the Wine Loft for drinks, planning and rationality games and exercises.

Though we missed many of our regulars, a good time was had and much data gathered!

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