Less Wrong Podcast Queries

by Cariyaga1 min read14th May 20152 comments


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I have a friend for whom I wish to purchase the Less Wrong podcasts that are available on Castify, as they have difficulty reading articles of any length (due to a combination of reading comprehension issues and being easily distracted from it). I've a few questions before I start doing so, however.

First, regarding the quality of the audioblogs themselves. Are they good quality for listening to? Moreover, is the material they cover comprehensible? I must confess, I've never been much of an audio learner myself, so I can't say for certain whether Less Wrong would translate well to such a format, but of those for whom that is not an issue, have you found the Less Wrong casts to be understandable sufficiently well for a first-time listener? If not, is there any advice I might offer them in their listening?

Further, while my reading of Less Wrong was somewhat random, I'd like to know in which order I should provide those articles that are available on Castify. I may have to perform my own reading of some of the more necessary articles, if they are not present early in the casts (Knowing about Biases Can Hurt People, for instance, I feel should be one of the first posts they hear).

Thanks for any help you can offer.