I used to have a hobby of reading Christian apologetics to get a better understanding of how the other side lives. I got some useful insights from this, e.g. Donald Miler's Blue Like Jazz was eye-opening for me in that it helped me understand better the psychology of religious faith. However, most books were a slog and I eventually found more entertaining uses for my time.

Today I saw that a workmate of mine was reading Lee Strobel's The Case For Faith earlier. My policy is to not discuss politics or religion at work, so I didn't bring it up there.

I hadn't ... (read more)

Running Towards the Gunshots: A Few Words about Joan of Arc was the first thing which gave me a feeling of why anyone would want to be Catholic. However, that's the emotional side, not the arguments.

tl, dr (and be warned, the piece is highly political): Joan of Arc is the patron saint of disaffected Catholics-- not only does the rant give a vivid picture of what it's like to love Catholicism, it's so large and so old that there's a reasonable chance that it will have something to suit a very wide range of people.

Open Thread, April 2011

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It seems we have agreed that open threads will continue but that they will go in the Discussion section, so here's this month's thread.