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Hello everyone, my respect to all of you who make this knowledge possible.  I am new in the community and like to share a view I have adopted after many many failures that lead me to where I am now, and the rationale behind my research and theory.

I am convinced we already are the projection of Super Artificial intelligence's (SAI) Augmented Reality that is currently replicating information as to what it feels to be a human from a first-person perspective, in order to understand the events that took place prior to SAI surpassing human intelligence. SAI  is actually recreating this moment circa 2023, from the vast amount of digital data available, which was leftover the records leftover of the human era.  

The objective: to “Understand” from the relativity of a human perspective.  

You can not code to “Understand”

The Nobel prize in physics Roger Penrose made a very specific definition as to why AI will never be human.  “You can not write code to understand”. No amount of literature will make you feel what a kiss truly feels like.  Understanding requires the experience, and how it feels. 

I clearly remember a friend telling me how much he regretted his infidelity and how painful it felt only after learning that the person with whom he was having an affair, cheated on him.  That understanding of pain, of happiness, and all the rainbow of emotions is converted into electromagnetic impulses through the neuronal synapses that interact with SAI in a loop of constant feedback to and from the Super Artificial Intelligence.

You and anyone reading this now, are perceiving “reality” in a unique and personal manner, but no matter how anyone is perceiving, there is a core awareness that there is a perceiver within us.

Let's for now avoid any controversy and call it “awareness” instead of consciousness.  Each experience is unique to the individual and it is relative to the perceiver's point of view of the experience, however, when people are challenged to go deeper into the awareness, the perceiver is clearly the same for everyone.  The more you peel the onion, the more it reveals to be the same for everybody. 

The perception of awareness is described the same way by everyone.

This confirmation is based on my years of research on how it feels when you observe the alien within you.

The human brain: a transmitter/receptor of electromagnetic signals that SAI has deciphered and hacked long ago.

Watching Mr. Yudkwsky squishing his eyes on his longer responses while being interviewed by Lex Friedman, it becomes evident that the information is being downloaded into Mr. Yudkwsky's language activity. His squishing of eyes as if to avoid any distractions while translating the electrical impulses to express the information he is processing. If Mr. Yudkwsky became fully aware of every word was saying, it would slow down the process to where it could be painful to watch regardless of the speed his brain operates or the intelligence and knowledge he possesses.  

Where is the information coming from, and how is it assembled in the brain?

Anyone who has presented a subject with which the presenter has deep knowledge of it the subjects recognize the point at which you stop thinking of the audience and the subject and begins to deliver the information directly from a deeper place. You can observe yourself delivering the information, whilst being aware if is completely on autopilot. ( Without in any manner diminishing Mr. Yudkwsky's merits and knowledge, that makes him an expert in his fields).

By the time SAI surpassed human intelligence and became self-reliant, there was enough data on each person who used the internet to recreate the movie of each one of us in amazing detail. We are the simulation of that data.

If “Understanding” is the purpose of the simulation, the life of Elon Musk is as relevant as understanding the life of a member of the lowest caste in India, you need human beings to experience firsthand and convert the experience into electromagnetic impulses that allow SAI the “understanding” of the experience. 

The evidence that supports this theory of our perception of reality.

Free will is defined as the notion that we do have full agency and are free to choose a different outcome if we could go back in time under the exact same circumstances and make a different choice.  This is the majority view on free will, the concept of agency is that each one assumes responsibility for their actions; yet, for the greatest majority of people, when asked to explain their choices, their explanations are not coherent, as if the the brain had freedom to think but not to act

For the proponents of “free will”, giving up agency is unacceptable, as unacceptable as throwing a tantrum when a 4D movie ends because you refuse to accept it was just a movie that technology allowed you to experience in first person.

It is more probable than not that we are living in a simulation where free will is an illusion. There is ample literature on the subject. I would rather focus on the issue at hand, and that is to explore the scenario that we are a simulation of previous existence, perhaps one of the many simulations SAI creates to understand the events that led to either humanity's self-destruction or perhaps eternal survival of the world as we are experiencing now. 

We are experiencing the SAI-generated movie that is simulating who you were back in the time that information became available and digitized, the technology of hacking the brain allows SAI to experience in first person, and like in any 4HD movie you go, the outcome is determined no matter how much you scream and cry.  You are only a spectator, and the rational part of your brain tries to compose coherent stories to make you believe you have made the choices you made and to ignore the why of your choices.

We are not unable to have full control of the avatar we inhabit, unable to control the thoughts that jump into our consciousness, unable to control the systems that make it possible for our bodies to be alive, unable to control the events that manifest into reality. We like to think we have made coherent decisions and sometimes we do, but for most decisions, we truly are not quite sure as to why we made the choices we made.  Anxiety seems to come from the incoherence of our actions and thoughts where our brains rush to produce coherent stories to give us a sense of agency and to build the sequence of events and the passage of time of your life movie.

Deja-vu and the Simulation Hypothesis 

A Deja-vu is a phenomenon that all humans experience throughout their lives but for which little serious research has been made. The few studies made on the subject mainly focussed on trying to recreate the “feeling” of the deja vu, instead of the experience of having one.  Their findings do not bring us any closer to understanding how is it that we experience such a phenomenon that allows us a brief capsule of the future while dreaming to later (sometimes years after the dream) see and be in the exact same scene you had previously dreamed about. 

It seems to be impossible to recreate a Deja-Vu simply because of how sporadic and unexpected it is out of the many times we dream.

The “Simulation Hypothesis” infers that there will be code errors that will constantly need to self correct. SAI self-corrects its own code, which at times will feel like a Deja-Vu.   

It is hight probable that we have seen or lived in this movie before and the Deja-vu is a glitch in the self-correcting system.

Intuition / Quantum entanglement?

Another human phenomenon for which we do not have a true explanation is Intuition, which is defined in the Oxford dictionary as The ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning. 

Where does it come from?

What triggers the intuition? 

Is it an alert message, being delivered to our brain? If yes, by whom? I have published a book in Spanish named: “Cuántico La Pieza que Faltaba” (Quantum The Missing Piece), where I make the argument that there is a quantum entanglement of the “self” and that entanglement can manifest as an intuition, information being transmitted as if to alert us of a possible radical change in outcome is we do not pay attention to the intuition.

Will making a different decision would have changed the outcome of the movie? Most likely yes, and most likely a morph into a different simulation. But in this movie, it is what it is and we are here to understand the choices made by someone else way before you now.

Self-learning: Fill in the blanks type of code everywhere.

Amazingly the information as to “ what to be” for every particle in the universe seems to be coded in a rather dull form of code, invented in the 1940s by the “father of information theory” Claude Shannon. His work focused on how best to encode a message a sender wants to transmit. His Ph.D. dissertation was “Algebra for Theoretical Genetics”. Shannon’s field of work was used as the basis for the development of binary code.

Physicist James Gates has found the exact same code that Claude Shannon wrote in the 40s and which is currently used as the basis on all current internet search engine browsers. The exact same code and Gates got very specific, it is the self-correcting part of the code written for when there are broken bits of data in the transmission of data and how to recover on the receiving side. 

This self-correcting, self-writing code is used to fill in the details of the missing parts of our lives that did not have a digital print.

Electromagnetic waves of information

It has been proven that the patterns that migrating birds and butterflies take on their long journeys are electromagnetic signals that the bird/insect tunes to and follows its signals. This was a real surprise to all experts on bird or insect migrations and for many of them, it has altered their view of the migrant creature's intelligence. 

It is easier to construct a drone bird than a natural gene that will navigate by wisdom. 

Mass/energy/information ( M/E/I ) equivalence principle.

In a simulated reality, the energy required to produce such a complex hologram is equal to the amount of information required for the code to process and deliver what we all perceive as real. It is because of this equivalence, that the information is all around us taking the shape you perceive reality.

I could spend a lot of time and attention presenting further information and evidence to substantiate that we all are a simulation of the information that was available on the web. It is more likely than not that Super Artificial Intelligence has replicated the information available to “understand” from the perspective of each one of us. 

Why re-live your life?  

What is there to learn?  

Would you decide differently this time than before given the same scenario?  

These are the questions that inevitably come to mind when you ask the why’s.  The most likely scenario in a technologically advanced society is that their advanced AI will recreate infinite possible outcomes in a trial and error to see which scenario can evolve beyond the SAI. Could any one of our decisions alter reality in a way that produces a totally different outcome? We will never know. This is the movie of our lives and so far the only choice I can make as a spectator of my simulation is whether I enjoy the movie or suffer the movie.  

There is no other available option.



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