Meetup : Meetup 17 - Comfort Zone Expansion (CoZE)



Discussion article for the meetup : Meetup 17 - Comfort Zone Expansion (CoZE)

WHEN: 14 May 2017 03:10:00PM (+0200)

WHERE: meester treublaan 18 amsterdam

Something new for this week!

Much of the time, things that lie outside of our comfort zone are out there for good reason. They're things that cause us to anticipate danger, experience stress, and wrestle with uncertainty, and under many circumstances, it's good to avoid danger, stress, and uncertainty.

But there's a gray area between 'definitely good' and 'definitely bad' -- between comfortable and uncomfortable. It's an area chracterized by mixed experiences and filled with things we're not sure about, struggled with, or never dared to even try. They're outside our comfort zone, but it's not clear that they should be -- it's not clear whether they're actually Things We Ought To Avoid.

The Comfort Zone Expansion technique (CoZE) is a method for gathering data about this gray area. It asks that we stretch our comfort zone, in small, safe experiments, a little bit at a time. The idea is to calibrate our discomfort, loosening up and letting go of unhelpful inhibitions while preserving those that are helpful, appropriate, and useful.

We'll meet up in the same place as always to discuss CoZE and come up with ideas for experiments. Then we'll probably go outside, perhaps to the city center, to actually do our experiments!

See you coming Sunday!

Discussion article for the meetup : Meetup 17 - Comfort Zone Expansion (CoZE)