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This is close to some of how I've been thinking about what happened with the OpenAI board and I'm wondering what others think. 

"I argue:

1) TDM's actions have left the situation at open AI as it stands considerably better than it would have been vs. the counterfactual where they did nothing.

2) In terms of the expected or realised good or bad outcomes, one should find the former pleasantly surprising and the latter essentially priced in, given the situation @ OpenAI was already very bad from a safety perspective.

3) Whether you're an 'honour and integrity-maxxer' or 'ruthless strategist', TDMs actions generally fare well-to-excellent by either light."

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I like the writeup, but reccomend actually directly posting it to LessWrong. The writeup is of a much higher quality than your summary, and would be well suited to inline comments/the other features of the site.

Seems good; will repost.