Discussion article for the meetup : Vancouver!

WHEN: 23 February 2013 03:00:00PM (-0800)

WHERE: 2505 west broadway, vancouver

Our recent format has been working well, so we'll continue. Please come out and join us at 2505 west broadway (Benny's Bagels) at 15:00 on Saturday.

Topic is undetermined; please suggest things. If we don't come up with a better one, I'll talk about Terminal Bias and Moral Philosophy and it will be awful and confused and boring and attract exactly the wrong type of people. So there.

Lurkers who don't know us, look for some geeks with with lots of paper and phones and computers. I'll try to have a sign with "Less Wrong" on it. I guess I should post my face all over the internet for you eh?

Hope to see you all there!

Discussion article for the meetup : Vancouver!