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This year's ACX Meetup everywhere in Newport Beach, CA.

Location: Picnic tables next to 1900 Port Carlow community clubhouse. The park is verdant and pleasant and easy to access. Free street parking nearby. In case of bad weather, we have a couple of near by places to relocate to. – 8554J48R+WCX

Its a public park with tables and BBQ's so you can bring food and well behaved pets. We may regularly go on casual walks in the surrounding area.

Contact: michaelmichalchik at

Group Info

We will meet most Saturdays at 2pm until whenever. There will be short suggested readings and question most weeks to spur conversation, but they are optional. Each week we will ask if people have had something happen recently that surprised them or changed the way they looked at the world. Something that should or did update their priors. Participation is optional.

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Note that this week's event is at 3:30, not the usual 2 pm. Here is a link to the event for this week.