I recently learned there was a study that found that BPD anger behavior is largely mediated by this chain: [shame → anger → anger rumination → BPD behaviors]. The takeaway for me is: notice if there is shame under my anger and try to attend to that if I can, and be mindful about anger rumination and try to do it less.

This is pretty useful, and it's especially noteworthy that the useful part of this is expressible in just 1-2 sentences.

Are there any sites that collate scientific results like this in concise lists of useful/actionable findings? Surely there are many such findings, but combing through research papers is very slow and likely to miss things if one is not seriously dedicated to being thorough,  since many papers one finds by searching do not contain particularly actionable information for laypeople with the disorder being studied. And pop-sci articles are full of fluff text that often does not say much more than the 1-2 sentence summary.

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