The Long-Term Future Fund (LTFF) and the EA Infrastructure Fund (EAIF) are looking for grant applications:

  • You can now apply for a grant anytime. We have removed the previous round-based system, and now aim to evaluate most grants within 21 days of submission (and all grants within 42 days), regardless of when they have been submitted. If you indicate that your application is time-sensitive, we will aim to get back to you more quickly (potentially within just a few days). Apply now.
  • You can now suggest that we give money to other people, or let us know about ideas for how we could spend our money. We’re interested in both high-level ideas and concrete, shovel-ready grant opportunities. We will read all suggestions, but we expect to follow up on only a small number. It’s hard to find great grants, so we really appreciate your suggestions! Suggest a grant
  • We fund student scholarships, career exploration, local groups, entrepreneurial projects, academic teaching buy-outs, top-up funding for poorly paid academics, and many other things. We can make anonymous grants without public reporting. We will consider grants as low as $1,000 or as high as $500,000 (or more in some cases). As a reminder, EA Funds is more flexible than you might think.
  • The LTFF is managed by Asya Bergal (chairperson), Adam Gleave, Evan Hubinger (newly appointed), and Oliver Habryka. For the coming months, they will be joined by Luisa Rodriguez as a guest manager. See its recent payout report.
  • The EAIF is managed by myself (interim/acting chairperson), Buck Shlegeris, Max Daniel, and Michelle Hutchinson. For the coming months, Linh Chi Nguyen and Michael Aird will join as guest managers. See its recent payout report and AMA.
  • The Animal Welfare Fund will continue on a round-based system. For recent updates, see Request For Proposals: EA Animal Welfare Fund and Animal Welfare Fund: Ask us anything!

Apply here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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