After having viewed a recent post by Gworley I noticed that the material was deliberately opaque*.  It's not as complicated as it seems, and should be able to be taught to people at lower than "Level 4" on Kegan's Constructive Developmental Theory.  The only serious block I saw was the ridiculous gap in inferential distance. 
With that in mind I was hoping someone might have recommendations on even tangentially related material as what I have now appears to be insufficient.  (Simplifying CDT appears to be manageable, but not particularly useful without further material like Kantor's Four Player Model and Subject-Object Notation.)

*edit: Not Gworley's, it was Kegan's material that was opaque.

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I appreciate the encouragement (Karma), but what I need is further material. I don't have the material to make this into something (very) useful, and don't know where else to look. (Other than tearing apart the local libraries psychology sections which has thus far yielded Freud, Freud, Developmental Psychology, and more Freud.)