Discussion article for the meetup : Tucson Meetup

WHEN: 02 March 2012 07:00:00PM (-0700)

WHERE: Coffee X Change 2443 North Campbell Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85719

Hi everyone! I was pretty inspired by the Winter Solstice series of posts discussing the benefits and fun of being in an in-person rationalist community (and also lukeprog's Algorithm for Beating Procrastination :)). So, I'm tossing out a line to any rationalists in Tucson or southern Arizona who'd like to meet up and talk about whatever. Time and place are just first suggestions on my part, and if there's interest in changing the details so someone can make it, that could totally happen.

Discussion article for the meetup : Tucson Meetup

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Yeah, I neglected to make sure next weekend would actually work for me... I was just thinking, "This is far out in the future," but I have plans as well. Yay, good first impressions. :-/

I'll reschedule this for Friday the 2nd, and in the mean time I'll check out the recommendations from ojspires.

Darn it - it's scheduled on the same night as the Penn and Teller show. So not this time...

I can't make that one, but we have a couple of rationalist groups in Tucson already - Check out FreeThought Arizona, Tucson Atheists, and Skeptics of Tucson, all on meetup.com.

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