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WHEN: 19 May 2012 12:00:00PM (+0200)

WHERE: Museum of Natural Sciences Rue Vautier 29 B-1000 Brussels

During this meetup we will use puzzles and games to improve creative thinking, our models of other people and rationality in general. We'll meet in the lobby as usual, should you arrive late we will have moved to the cafeteria (just go straight once you're past the entrance, you can't miss it) If the weather is particularly nice we might even move to the nearby Leopold Park later. If you are in the neighborhood, consider dropping by. (getting there:

Discussion article for the meetup : Brussels meetup

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I'm not entirely certain I'll be there (not because of the specific date, it's just very very close to my exams) but I'll try.

well defining priorities is in itself a good exercise on rationality ;)

A word of warning regarding werewolves as a potential tool to better grap group dynamics, social cues, etc... : I played it once before and the recommended minimum number of players was quite high (i.e. 8+) so it would properly be safe to have a backup plan just in case we are less than last time.

There are 9 people who have attended so far and each meetup has had new members, if this pastern continues we should have enough players. Still, a backup plan is a good idea so I'll bring Zendo as well, just to be safe.

Thanks, I created an account as well so I can help keep it up to date.