There is rumor that OpenAI has achieved AGI internally.

If they do have AGI, i assume you would like to know that. 
And i assume you would like to know more accurate AGI timeline.

Lets work together, to investigate that and similar rumors for validity. Put probabilities on the validity of such rumors. And better map out the AGI timeline together. We all will be contributing actively, as it help each one of us.

I am creating a group for that. Where we share our findings, discuss, and be closer to truth.

You yourself should invite more people, who you think are interested, and have expertise, to this effort.

If interested, reply. Contact me via my twitter @Radlib4 or email to make sure i notice you.

I think that if the rumors are true, in a sence that "agi has been achived internally" was made by a person who made correct predictions before, the implications are significant enough to investigate, even if its a rumor. 

We could investigate the origin on "agi has been achieved internally" tweet from jimmy apples. People say that he made correct predictions in the past. If that is true, that is huge. I am trying to see if it is true. I need other people to help me alongside.

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