The one sentence summaries (encoded as the "question", with the distribution name as the "answer") of various probability distributions here: . When possible, I'd like to see a chart of the pdf for various common parameter distributions and guess what the distribution is. Reversing this, I'd like to be told what the distribution is, and be told a few (i.e., three) (sets of) parameters, and visualize what the pdf/cdf would look like. This would be especially useful if all of these charts were in the same format.

Link has an extra period.

Knowledge ready for Ankification

by lukeprog 1 min read2nd Feb 201247 comments


Spaced repetition is a powerful learning tactic, and Anki is a good tool for it. There are some LW-relevant Anki decks here. But I wish there were more.

Which sets of knowledge are (1) likely useful to LWers, and (2) straightforward to encode into Anki decks without needing to be familiar with that field?

Some examples:

  1. Purves et al.'s glossary of cognitive neuroscience (preferably including a brain-image for each brain anatomy term).
  2. The meaning of each concept in the LW wiki.
  3. The meaning of each bolded term in AIMA.

Which other sets of knowledge would you like to see Ankified? Please link to the actual knowledge set you'd like to see encoded.