I'm a 24 year old computational physicist working in industry, and over the past year I have transitioned to a more ML-forward role. I believe that AI alignment is very important, and my long term career goal is to help contribute to alignment research.

I've just been offered an L4 machine learning engineer position at Google, and have entered the team matching phase. Given my long term goal, are there obvious choices for teams that would be most appropriate?

My current approach is to search the Google AI blog for interesting papers and suggest those to the recruiter as potential teams. This is a start, but seems like an inefficient way for me to search given my lack of experience with the field and my time constraints to find a team.

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Drop me an email at [redacted to minimize spam] and say a little more about what kind of work you're interested in. I'm the NLP PM lead for the Google Assistant and know most of the researchy ml teams here.

In particular, are you more interested in publishing and research, or more looking to actually do the (sometimes grungy) work of getting alignment in practice?