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by lukeprog1 min read28th Mar 20114 comments


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It would be nice to be able to make 'collapsible sections' in articles, like on my atheism FAQ. That way, each article with (for example) a long list of references at the bottom could by default have the references collapsed, but if you click 'References' then the list of references would appear. That way people wouldn't have to scroll past several pages of references in order to leave a comment. (Examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.)

This suggestion is mostly just for me at this point, though, as I'm the only one doing long lists of references. But I figured I'd mention it anyway.

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Another alternative is to make the footnotes a separate article... or to make them a comment.

Good idea! It may need to be more than temporary, because, from what I've heard, there isn't much work being done on the LW code.

Love the idea, but along with endoself, I'm not sure that there's much going on with LW code adjustments. I still haven't seen any updates on spam, even though several posts were made about requiring a certain level of karma to post. I wonder what to do about this and who would be the "gatekeeper" to getting things like this implemented.

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The idea is good; as a temporary workaround, you could place a link to #comments before your lists-sections.