Discussion article for the meetup : Pittsburgh Meetup

WHEN: 05 October 2011 05:45:00PM (-0400)

WHERE: 151 N Craig St, Apt 7C

This will be hopefully the first of many bi-weekly meetups in Pittsburgh.

We will do a few simple surprise activities, present some of the stuff the hosts learned at the LW minicamp earlier this year, and then open it up for a discussion of what we all want to schedule for this year.

Also, there will be free snacks and drinks! Afterwards, we're going to go out to dinner and everyone is welcome to tag along. If you can't come exactly at the start, that's fine, you will be able to jump right in anyway.

We'll be hosting it at Josh Albrecht's apartment (which is comfortably large enough for 10 to 15 people). The address is 151 N Craig St, Apt 7C. Call his cell phone when you get here if you cant get in (585 506 6900).

Discussion article for the meetup : Pittsburgh Meetup

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You say "bi-weekly" — is one planned for the 19th? (I'll be in Pittsburgh on that day following the Summit)

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