Open Thread, February 1-14, 2012

More of my research for Luke, this time looking into the polyamory literature.

I read Opening Up and The Ethical Slut; the former was useful, the latter was not. My general impression of the research is that:

  1. it's all hard to get as the journals are marginal and relevant academics have bad habits of publishing stuff as book chapters or prefaces or books period
  2. the studied polyamorists are distinctly white, educated, urban or coastal, professional, older (how odd) middle/upper-class.

    This means there is zero generalizability to whether polyamory would work i

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the one academic doing good work in the area is Sheffer, who is running a longitudinal survey which may or may not have enough statistical power to rule out particularly dramatic variances in outcomes. (Sheffer mentions the selection bias problem but seems to have the attitude that it's not a problem for her work.)

Was there any follow-up here?

1Paul Crowley7yOnly just noticed this. If you or Luke would find it useful to talk to Dr Meg Barker about this I can put you in touch.
7Grognor8yWhy did Luke ask you to research polyamory.

Open Thread, February 1-14, 2012

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