Meetup : Berkeley: Munchkinism

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Discussion article for the meetup : Berkeley: Munchkinism

WHEN: 15 May 2013 07:30:00PM (-0700)

WHERE: Berkeley, CA

This week's meetup is about Munchkinism:

"A Munchkin is the sort of person who, faced with a role-playing game, reads through the rulebooks over and over until he finds a way to combine three innocuous-seeming magical items into a cycle of infinite wish spells. Or who, in real life, composes a surprisingly effective diet out of drinking a quarter-cup of extra-light olive oil at least one hour before and after tasting anything else. Or combines liquid nitrogen and antifreeze and life-insurance policies into a ridiculously cheap method of defeating the invincible specter of unavoidable Death. Or figures out how to build the real-life version of the cycle of infinite wish spells."

— Eliezer Yudkowsky

Come and bring your strange and zany ideas for exploiting the structure of reality at the expense of the Protestant work ethic. I suggest you look at this recent Less Wrong thread on Munchkinism beforehand, although it is not required:

The meetup will begin on Wednesday at 7:30pm. For directions to Zendo, see the mailing list:

or call me at:

Discussion article for the meetup : Berkeley: Munchkinism

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