Open Thread: April 2010

Yeah, I don't think I can plausibly deny responsibility for this one.

Googling either (rationality + fanfiction) or even (rational + fanfiction) gets you there as the first hit, just so ya know...

Also, clicking on the Sitemeter counter and looking at "referrals" would probably have shown you a clickthrough from a profile called "LessWrong" on

Want to know the rest of the plot? Just guess what the last sentence of the current version is about before I post the next part on April 3rd. Feel free to post guesses here rather than on, since a flood of reviewers would probably sound rather strange to them.

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It's now the second hit on Google for (rationality + fiction)!

3Jack10yThis Harry is so much like Ender Wiggin.
1Liron10yI normally read within {nonfiction} U {authors' other works} but I had such a blast with Methods of Rationality that I might try some more fiction.

Open Thread: April 2010

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An Open Thread: a place for things foolishly April, and other assorted discussions.

This thread is for the discussion of Less Wrong topics that have not appeared in recent posts. If a discussion gets unwieldy, celebrate by turning it into a top-level post.

Update: Tom McCabe has created a sub-Reddit to use for assorted discussions instead of relying on open threads.  Go there for the sub-Reddit and discussion about it, and go here to vote on the idea.