Discussion article for the meetup : Upcoming Workshop Topics

WHEN: 15 July 2013, 7:30 pm

WHERE: Columbus, OH

Columbus, OH has a thriving rationality scene. If you live nearby, you should come check us out. PM me here, join the facebook page, or RSVP to the meetup.com site for more info!

Logistics: We run workshops on the first, third, and fifth Mondays of the month at the HCCO conference room off Henderson. Workshops start at 7:30pm, and go until about 9:30.

Demographics: Most workshops draw about 25 people. We have a wide range of ages, centering around 30 years old. Decent gender balance (1:2). Very casual atmosphere.

Links: Our Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/groups/563449250347654/   

Meetup page for the next meetup- http://www.meetup.com/HumanistOhio/events/128040042/



July 15- Community Engagement- Gleb Tsipursky

-Rationality is about the science of reasoning, and acting effectively to meet your goals. This week's workshop is on Community Engagement, and will be taught by Gleb Tsipursky, a professor of history at OSU.

Most of our activities in Rationality focus on improving our own thinking. This workshop broadens our lens to consider how the ideas of rationality can be applied fruitfully to analyze and improve our communities. We will look at three levels of our community: our local, everyday communities; our economic system; and our political system. Our goal will be to come away with a broadened understanding of some of the irrationalities in our communities and some ideas for what we can do to help improve the situation.

July 29- Social Activity TBA  

August 5- Popular Psych Studies, and Where They Go Wrong- Don Sutterfield  

August 19- Intro to Bayes- Eric Huff  

Sept 2- Labor Day- Possible Social Gathering TBA  

Sept 16- Budgeting/Finances- Jeff Dubin  

Sept 30- tentative- Effective Altruism- Elissa Caffery Fleming

Oct 7- TBA- Mike Riggs  


Down the Rabbit Hole: Magic as Psychic Entertainment -Jack Strauss

-Magician/Mentalist Jack Strauss will present a stage act as a psychic entertainer. Afterwards, there will be a sit-down talkback with the audience. Topics will be determined by audience questions and may include: ethics of performing on stage with a psychic persona, psychology of deception, techniques of cold reading, etc. The only topic off the table will be the specifics of how the act you just saw is performed.

Jesse Galef- Defense Against the Dark Arts  

Eric Huff- Applications of Models  

Demitri Muna- Instrumental Improv workshop

Discussion article for the meetup : Upcoming Workshop Topics


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