Hello. I am an AI alignment researcher who has a background in mental health and teaching. I originally trained to do therapy before deciding I could best help the world by working on AI alignment directly. I want to use my experience in mental health and productivity coaching to help young, aspiring alignment researchers be their best selves.



I want to emphasize mental wellness over mental health. Mental wellness is the effectiveness by which one can achieve their goals in relation to one's innate cognitive abilities. I think there is a lot of low-hanging fruit for each individual to better themselves; however, mental health services are designed to treat chronic problems. This service I will be providing aims to apply some of the techniques found in therapy to help already successful individuals be more successful, happier, and more effective.


Who this is for:

Effective altruists and aspiring AI alignment researchers.


Who this is not for:

People who want help with specific mental health diagnoses. For help with a mental health diagnosis (or suspected one), call your insurance company and ask what services they cover.


My experience:

Therapy, 2 years

Tutoring math, physics, and computer science, 5 years

AI research, 3 years


What this productivity coaching/mentorship will cost:

Nothing! For now, this service is free.


To apply, fill out this form.

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Are you offering productivity/performance coaching for new alignment researchers, or coaching + research mentorship for alignment researchers? 

If you're offering research mentorship, it might be helpful to give some examples of the type of research you do