Partisan politics is too narrow - some "political concepts" become enmeshed in one's personal identity even if they are irrelevant to whether the community organizer or the business executive should be President of the United States.

Consider how and why the "creepiness" and "feminism" discussions broke down so badly, so quickly, and so acrimoniously.

In short, Paul Graham is right when he says (essentially) "Personal identity is the mindkiller"

Yeah, I agree that we find sex/gender discussions problematic for similar reasons.

EY "Politics is the Mind Killer" sighting at Washington Examiner and

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Politics makes us worse because "politics is the mindkiller," as intelligence theorist Eliezer Yudkowsky puts it. "Evolutionary psychology produces strange echoes in time," he writes, "as adaptations continue to execute long after they cease to maximize fitness." We gorge ourselves sick on sugar and fat, and we indulge our tribal hard-wiring by picking a political "team" and denouncing the "enemy."

But our atavistic Red/Blue tribalism plays to the interests of "individual politicians in getting you to identify with them instead of judging them," Yudkowsky writes.


Examiner Columnist Gene Healy is a vice president at the Cato Institute and the author of "The Cult of the Presidency."

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