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Article on IQ: The Inappropriately Excluded

1 min read
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LIST: I can't vote Karma on some people, some contexts.

1 min read
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Robin Hanson talking about Bias on Stossel tonight

1 min read
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Thinking Fast and Slow for Kindle $3 at Amazon

1 min read
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EY "Politics is the Mind Killer" sighting at Washington Examiner and

1 min read
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Free Kindle Textbook: The Cerebellum: Brain for an Implicit Self (FT Press Science)

1 min read
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Recent Comments

> Video Speed Controller

That sounds nice!

Hope it works in mobile chrome. I prefer all talking videos at 2x, and have to go back to youtube desktop to get it. It will help me get off Youtube, and move to alternate video sites now that Google's has changed it's motto to Do Evil.

EDIT: yay! Works...(read more)

I don't know many tankies.

My favorite word of the day!

Adams has stated why he doesn't make claims about Trump's character. Recent podcast.

He says his own moral views are such that if he went around shunning people for immorality, he'd be shunning everyone.

The claim that Trump is a Master Persuader is falsifiable.

The prediction of the win shows he has insights into Trump's capabilities, but not necessarily his intentions.

> Adams uses several techniques (listed in the post) that could be used to argue for any position—even one that I wholeheartedly agree with. I suspect that in such a case I might not be quite so enthusiastic to point out the flaws in the reasoning.

So that perhaps the following is not quite what y...(read more)

For my part, I found the interview itself as an exercise in Dark Arts by Sam. He wants to pretend that he has given Trump politics a fair hearing. But he doesn't have on someone who actually supports the politics in any conventional sense.

He has on a persuasion analyst who doesn't believe in that ...(read more)

The OP is an interesting twist on the usual "Dark Arts" political argument.

It is commonplace as an extended exercise in confirmation bias to poison the well. > I wanted to work on this essay more carefully, and find out all the different ways in which Adams subverts the truth and sound reasonin...(read more)

Did they even have "Saddam is faking it" as a possibility?

> The US intercepted communications where Saddam told his units to ensure that they had no chemical weapons that inspectors could find. Of course, that communication didn't happen in English. That communication seems to have been misinterpreted by the US intelligence community as evidence that Sadda...(read more)