Holiday giving thread

So far this year I have donated $1000 to SIAI and $1000 to SENS. I was planning to donate more than $1000 additional to SENS this year. But here is what I'm going to do instead. For every dollar of your pledge (same stipulations as in the OP) to SIAI OR SENS OR Givewell, I will match it for the same organization, up to $1000 total (any additional I decide to spend will probably go to SENS).

I have made the donation of $800 matched for wmorgan, atucker, Daniel Burfoot, and Barry Cotter. Thanks for participating everyone!

2Kaj_Sotala8yThat's fantastic, thank you! I added you to the opening post. I was a bit unsure of how to count atucker's recurring $12 donation [], but decided to count it as $144 (for 12 * $12) in your matching total - would you agree with that way of counting it?

Holiday giving thread

by Kaj_Sotala 1 min read23rd Dec 201132 comments


Since this is the season to respect the universe as a worthy foe and remember the challenges ahead of us, it felt appropriate that I should donate some money for a good cause. Then it occurred to me, why not use the opportunity to encourage somebody else to do so as well?

So, if you promise to donate money to either the Singularity Institute or the Future of Humanity Institute before the end of the year, and pledge that you wouldn't have done so without this opportunity, then I will match your donation dollar-for-dollar. Saying "I would have donated 50 dollars without this opportunity but with it I'll donate 75" is also fine - in that case I'll match the extra 25. I'll match up to a total of 100 EUR (about 130 USD at today's rate): first-come first-served, so get your matches while they're hot. EDIT: I hit my maximum total, but curiousepic is running a matching as well, see below!

Please feel free to also declare any of your (more or less) completely unrelated donations in this thread, or to set up your own matching pledges.


curiousepic matches up to a total of $1000 on donations to SI, SENS, or GiveWell. (Up to $800.)

Kaj Sotala matched up to a total of $130 on donations to SI or FHI. (Up to $130.)

Matched donations:

Barry_Cotter donated $25 to SI. (matched $25 each by curiousepic, Kaj Sotala)

Daniel_Burfoot donated $100 to SI. (matched $100 each by curiousepic, Kaj Sotala)

atucker donated $12/month to SI. (matched $5 by Kaj Sotala, $144? by curiousepic)

wmorgan donated $1531 to SI. (matched $531 by curiousepic)

Non-matched donations:

Dr_Manhattan donated $100 to SI.

lincolquirk donated $700 to SI, $300 to Against Malaria Foundation.

Normal_Anomaly donated $300 to Against Malaria Foundation.