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1 min read
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Is the Star Trek Federation really incapable of building AI?
1 min read
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Some conceptual highlights from “Disjunctive Scenarios of Catastrophic AI Risk”
6 min read
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On not getting swept away by mental content
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Papers for 2017
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Fixing science via a basic income
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Meditation and mental space
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* Having a clear explanation of what I feel is a core skill for collective rationality: actually integrating the evidence and models that others have. * Including the sentence "Don't practice coming to agreement; practice exchanging models" which succinctly summed up the ...(read more)

In principle, I agree with your point that the concept of wasted votes seems pretty incoherent.

In practice, I have frequently felt somewhat bad over having voted for someone in a way which feels like it "wasted" my vote. Despite knowing that this makes no sense.

I'm guessing something-something-t...(read more)

> Note that proportional representation is just as good at killing this Moloch as the single-winner methods discussed below!

At least partially: my country uses the [D'Hondt method](, which is a proportional representation system, but the lesser evil M...(read more)

Defining "expected number of parties" (ENP) as the reciprocal of the fraction of voters in the party of the average voter

I keep running out of working memory trying to parse this sentence. :)

Now I'm imagining the unparalleled amount of readers I will get once I start my new blog, SuperPersuasiveSoliloquies.

Apparently there have been [a few studies]( on something like this: "\[Long-Term Meditators\], compared to novices, had a significant reduction of self-reported unpleasantness, but not intensity, of painful stimuli, while practicing Open Monitori...(read more)

While this is a brilliant idea in the sense of being a novel way to test a hypothesis, trying to reprogram people's brains so as to make them experience more suffering strikes me as an ethically dubious way of doing the test. :)

I wouldn't expect just a one-off meditation session where they experie...(read more)


> not all the options I chose have deep philosophical justifications.

Just to be clear, when I said that each section would be served by having a philosophical justification, I don't mean that it would necessarily need to be super-deep; just something like "this seems to make sense because...(read more)

For a few weeks or so, I've been feeling somewhat amazed at how much less suffering there seems to be associated with different kinds of pain (emotional, physical, etc.), seemingly as a consequence of doing meditation and related practices. The strength of pain, as measured by something like the int...(read more)

I very much appreciate the amount of time and effort you're putting into this!

That said, as much as I'd like to engage with this post, it feels very hard for me to do. The main problem I'm having is that there are a lot of very specific details where I feel like I don't have enough context to eval...(read more)