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I have an internet friend in Ukraine. My love is in Belarus, we can't meet anymore. I have a non-binary friend in Russia who can be mobilized. I'm a young male in Russia. Maybe I have more time than some others before getting caught, but I don't know.

Writing this post to summarize and highlight my main ideas (I would like to discuss them while I have the time). Directly or indirectly, all those ideas are about (a) human high-level reasoning, (b) subjective experience, (c) informal semantics.

If the opportunity cost is not too high for you, please help me to explain some of those concepts to you and other people.


Since 24.02.22 I desperately tried to share my ideas on Reddit (and later here) while simultaneously trying to advance them in case my posts won't be successful. Sometimes I wrote "filler" posts on Reddit just in case (to avoid any accidental problem with site's rules about spam). Or here on LessWrong if I felt that filler posts indirectly help me to think about my main idea. Or take a load off my mind. Some posts did get popular on Reddit.

I can't imagine what other people feel. I have a goal and it fills my mind and lets me remember the good things. I can't imagine how others live.

Edited, shortened this post. If this date is not changed after 17.06.24, then something happened to me. 


Whatever I'm writing about now, here's my main main latest draft:  here on LW (informal simplicity, conceptual simplicity) and the same thing as a Reddit draft. A secondary draft: Reddit, Substack (using a weird informal concept to explore semantics). Third draft: here (faces and types of patterns).  

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Sorry about your situation. Please prioritize staying safe.

Not sure if any of these links is available to you; you might want to read them (1, 2, 3). It might be useful to memorize the phone numbers +38 066 580 34 98 and +38 093 119 29 84.

Thank you! But, judging by the first link, there's not much I can do at the moment. Nothing I didn't do/hear already. Does the third link contain any special advice? (Probably not... if it did, it would circulate somewhere.) 

Only the first is the important one. The third one is a Telegram channel, would make sense only if you use Telegram. The actionable parts are to check the list of diseases and injuries that may apply to you and would make you exempt from mobilization, and to memorize the phone number in case you might need it and not have an internet at your disposal. (I have heard that they take the phones away from conscripts. In which case, the number is also useless, but perhaps you might find another phone.)

At this point, discussing my ideas or ways to share them would be more useful for me.

I would like to have a chance to explain/defend them. To defend what I thought and cared about.  

"Staying safe" haven't worked that well so far. The list of diseases is a very tiny hope (even though I may've underestimated it).