Discussion article for the meetup : Vienna Meetup 9th March

WHEN: 09 March 2013 04:00:00PM (+0100)

WHERE: Schottengasse 2, 1010 Innere Stadt (1.Bez)

Cafe im schottenstift.

Mainly this is a meeting to kickstart the vienna lesswrong/rationality group. We will get to know each other and discuss ways to promote a rational lifestyle.

Confirmed attendees: Five attendees so far, 3 of whom are working on creating a rationality education project.

See you there.

Discussion article for the meetup : Vienna Meetup 9th March

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How does this work - how do I identify other "less wrongers"? Who will show up? I'd be interested in showing up with my +1.


yeah sure just show up, the cafe is not that big I think we will recognize each other ;)) At least I have never missed anybody in that cafe.

Is it allowed to come if you just finished reading Harry Potter funfic and that's it? :-) Will try to come from Czech Republic

I am not the host of this event, but for my part, You should come. When I and my boyfriend organised a meet-up in Bratislava, we did the recruitment both through Lesswrong and through Harry Potter Czech translation website.

Two attendees from Bratislava, with probability over 90%.

(The communication language is English, right? If not, please send me a message. Thanks!)

English, yes.

We plan to arrive from Bratislava to Sudtiroler Platz and take an U-bahn to Herrengasse.

If You have an advice for more convenient or more straightforward travel, please, let us know !

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